Free Story: The Dark Secret of Zeta House

The Dark Secret of Zeta House
A Smuthunter Horror Short

            “Oh my god, what is this Abby?” Becca looked at her buxom red headed sorority sister with wide, scared eyes. As seniors and the class of 1969, they’d taken over Zeta house and in this week, two weeks before fall semester started, they’d moved back into the house after the summer.

            When they found when they arrived was a black envelope with a three Zetas on it in red. Inside the envelope was an old fashioned, large key and a note that said, “Our legacy of power resides beneath the wine cellar.”

            The two young women couldn’t resist the cryptic letter, and as their house mother Helenaa was nowhere to be found, they went into the converted wine cellar of the house and saw a door they had neither seen before.

            Becca, who was more slender than her house sister but no less attractive, with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and darker skin than Abby’s pale complexion, bright blue eyes, and long, wavy red locks, felt suddenly cold. She was wearing a sun dress and a head scarf, while Abby, for some reason known only to her, was wearing leather pants, knee high red leather boots, and a frilly, wide cuffed white blouse.

            “Abby’s summer in England must have done it,” Becca thought. Her on again and off again friend must have had the Mod look on the brain, practical or not.

            “It’s a door Bex, come on!” Abby pulled out the key and went to put it in the lock.

            “But… but, it wasn’t there before.” Something inside Becca made her want to back away towards the stairs. “I’ve never seen it before.”

            “Oh please,” the key slid in, “how often are you even down here? We all know what goes on down here, and we all know what you’re not doing.”

            Abby was talking about sex.

            Sometimes, to get some privacy with a boy, a Zeta girl would take him down into the wine cellar, which had been converted mostly into a kind of lounge with few built out ‘private rooms’ that were just some wood frames and plywood.

            Becca was saving herself for marriage… but oral didn’t count, giving or receiving. At least that’s what she and her long term boyfriend agreed on. He lived off campus, so if Becca wanted privacy…

            Something was happening. Memories of being with him were flooding her mind. Images, thoughts, and feelings were…

            She shook her head

            The basement, or the cellar, or whatever it was seemed warmer, or colder, her skin had goose bumps, but her she felt warm, like being near a fire.

            “That door has never been there Abby, this is wrong.” Becca had backed away to the stairs, but she couldn’t look away as Abby opened the door and walked into the room.

            As Abby stepped into the mysterious room and turned on the light, Becca saw a pedestal in the middle of the room with a large book on it. She couldn’t help herself, she followed Abby into the room, and feeling some urging, some sense of need, or some voice speaking to her, she closed the door behind them.

            The room had an overhead light, a flat stone slab, like a bed or a table, a closet, a wall sized shelf full of strange thing, and the book on the pedestal.

            The book was bound in red leather and marked with three golden Zetas, and as Becca realized she was in some sort of Satanic alcove in her sorority house’s basement, her mostly amicable rival Abby opened the book and said, “Finally.”

            “Finally?” Becca’s blood ran cold as Abby stood across from her, the book between them, open wit her hands on the corners of the pages, her blue eyes looking deep into Becca’s.

            “Yes,“ the light went out, but blue light glowed around Abby, shimmering like swamp gas. “And now you can learn the truth. Zeta Zeta Zeta, sixth letter of the Greek alphabet, three and six, the mark of the beast, wrongly translated and misunderstood. The light, the dark, and the eternal. Three and three, thrice, One blessed with the light of wisdom and its shadow, one blessed with the bliss of ignorance and its shadow, and one who is eternal, light and shadow. You were chosen to be the dark, I was chosen to be the light, and our house mother is the eternal.”

Abby’s hair flew up and around her as she spoke and her eyes sparkled with blue fire. “We must summon Helenaa back into this house, back into the mortal world as the cycle demands. We must make the house whole, we must serve the sisterhood and all the order, we must conjure Helenaa again.”

“How… what…” the light in Abby’s eyes, the glowing blue flames felt like it was draining the strength from Becca’s body. “Why didn’t I know any of this, how did you hide this form me.”

“The basement is for sex honey,” Abby’s hand moved over a page of the book and she raised her other one. As she did, her clothing vanished in a flash of blue flame, exposing her naked, flawless body. “Sex magic. Now, look at me Becca, look into my eyes.”

Becca started to utter a prayer, but the sound of Abby’s voice was a snake twisting and constricting her brain. Her words, those simple commands, overcame reason, and overcame thought. Becca felt Abby’s will inside her, squeezing her own will, constricting her own mind.

She felt a rush of heat between her legs as she obeyed. She felt a throb of wet lust pulse through her, and she gasped in wonder, and awe as Abby’s blue eyes bore into her soul.

“No,” Becca whispered, “no.”

But while she said no, and while it did cast some defense against the sight before her, Becca still couldn’t bring herself to look away.

“Yes Becca,” that coiling, strangling, powerful voice slithered up Becca’s spine, and it was hard to think. “Yes, this is what you have been prepared for since we joined the house. Look at me, look into the flames, look into the light. When light and dark are one, we summon her. Look at me, look deep into my eyes and join with me.”

Abby slinked her way towards Becca, her naked body glowing with the only light in the infinite dark of the room.

“This isn’t real,” shadows of black on black swept around Abby like reality bending away from her as she walked closer and closer to Becca. Becca tried to look away, but the twisting blue flames in Abby’s eyes held her still. “Oh God help me, stay away from me. Please…”

“Only THE goddess can hear you now, and she walks with me. She walks with us both, and you have borne her blessing these last three years.” Abby’s fingers were soft and smooth as silk as they brushed Becca’s cheek, and traced down her neck to her chest. “Just look deeper into my eyes, just… look… deeper…”

“I don’t… I don’t want…” fear consumed Becca, but she couldn’t look away from those eyes. Just look deeper into my eyes, just… look… deeper… coiled tighter around her than the words before had, and she stared and stared into the blue dancing flames, like a fire burning in the heart of a fire, like mirrors reflecting their images infinitely, endlessly…

Becca’s body felt like stone. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t stop Abby’s hand slowly creeping up her inner thigh. Soft skin and the gentle touch of a knowing hand pressed flat against Becca’s mound, then a finger slid against her cotton panties before pressing gently into her clit in a way her boyfriend had never touched her.

She stared forward, rapt by the dancing flame, enchanted by it, and as that finger pressed and teased her more before sliding under her panties, Becca couldn’t even moan.

“You are darkness, you are ignorance, you are purity, and you need my light, my fire, and my essence. You have saved your lust, I know your boyfriend’s barely fingered you. I know you’ve never experienced real pleasure, not with him.”

Abby’s other hand cupped one of Becka’s smaller, pert tits over her dress, but it wasn’t like when a boy did it. It was tender, it was curious, but it was knowing at the same time, and her words were devastating in their truth.

Two fingers slid deep into Becca, and Abby’s tongue flicked across her lips, “Medusa did not turn her victims to stone, she froze them with truth, she reflected their reality back to them, and the truth destroyed them. Look into my eyes, look into the fires, look into the light, you cannot speak, you cannot move, you are a prisoner to my wisdom, you are a prisoner to yourself. Look into the flames.”

Abby’s eyes were fire, and shadows, pornographic images and shapes danced in the fire. Becca saw every fantasy she ever had play out in the flames. She watched herself ravaged, she saw herself ravaging. Any carnal; thought, every fantasy was in those shadows. And as she stared, she saw herself staring into Abby’s eyes. She saw Abby, naked and flawless, push her slowly to her knees then wrap her leg over Becca’s shoulder. Becca watched herself doing to Abby what her boyfriend never actually followed through on doing to her.

Becca watched herself worshipping Abby, gently pushed to her back, her head straddled as Abby held her and fucked her face.





Becca’s moan broke from her paralyzed form as Abby’s fingers brought her to orgasm. “Oh fuck. OH FUCK. OH FUCK!”

She couldn’t stop, and Abby didn’t stop either. Those eyes, sapphires made of fire still held Becca’s gaze. But now she could blink, and now when she closed her eyes in ecstasy she saw an outline of blue fire in the darkness. It was a woman’s form, not Abby’s someone else’s…

“I saw her.”

Abby’s fingers slid in to the last knuckle, “Yes, look at her… find her in my eyes…”

Becca stared through Abby, but Abby remained there. Then Becca saw herself through Abby’s eyes. She saw her slack face, her wide open, glassy eyes, and the pleasure that was consuming her. She watched herself close her own eyes, and she saw her features starting to change.

Her breasts were growing, her skin was changing, everything about her was becoming… She couldn’t look… she closed her eyes again, and this time, the outline of blue fire in the dark became the woman she was changing into.

The fire was reaching out towards her, pulling her into the silhouette…

And as Becca opened her eyes, she felt Abby gently pull the back of her hair and gently bring her down to her knees. It was just like the vision. Abby’s leg was over her shoulder, and Becca couldn’t help it. As Abby’s pussy was pressed into her face, all Becca could do, all she wanted to do was kiss it, and lick it.

In no time she was flat on her back, Abby’s weight pressed down on her, and Becca was desperate for more. The more she tasted Abby, the more her eyes closed and the more fully formed the blue fire woman in the dark became. Then, as her tongue probed Abby, and as her lips kissed her, Becca felt something spread her legs. She felt hands on her hips, and then under her ass, gently encouraging her to arch her hips up.

Soft lips started worshiping Becca, and a tongue pressed into her and started teasing her. Warmth and heat wreathed her body and her hands squeezed Abby’s hips. The woman in Becca’s closed eyes glowed blue, wreathed in fire, and Abby lifted herself off of Becca’s face.

“Do you understand now Bex?” The fire was gone from Abby but the room was still dark, and someone was still eating Becca out, but she couldn’t look away from Abby’s eyes. Her eyes were still glowing, but softer now. They didn’t burn into her mind like before, they warmed her.

Becca couldn’t help herself, “Yes, oh fuck yes.”

Abby started to kiss her, and Becca’s eyes closed again.

She saw herself in the fire with her eyes closed. She saw the woman she was turning into, and…

A climax rocked her body and the fire behind her eyes, and the woman she saw vanished.

“You’ve done well girls,” Helena, their house mother, stood in the room with them, fully dressed under the overhead light. Becca was holding Abby’s hand and both were fully dressed. They watched Helena walk over and close the book, then smile down at the two of them.

“Becca, I expect you to bring that young man of yours to me tonight. You don’t need him, but we certainly do don’t we Abby?”

Becca’s mind was warm and fuzzy, and her body felt the same way. Helena seemed different than she’d ever been before. It was like there had always been a veil between Becca and Helena, but now that was lifted and the young woman stared in awe at her house mother.

She was beautiful, she was the idea of beauty.

She looked like Becca, but not quite.

She looked like Abby, but also not quite.

Abby giggled and stuck her hand back up Becca’s dress, “We do. We need him so much more than you do Bex.”

 Becca closed her eyes as Abby’s finger brushed over her soaked cotton panties. Everything was dark, and quiet, and empty until that finger slid under her panties and dipped inside her.

The darkness behind her eyes went from black to bright blue fire, and a narcotic euphoria beyond sexual pleasure and arousal consumed her. In a delirious dream of light and heat someone using Becca’s voice said, “Why do you need him? Why don’t I?”

“Oh Becca, sweetie,” Abby’s voice was in her head, it was in the fire, “Haven’t you ever wondered why you don’t really see any of the sisters with the same guy for more than a week or two?”

Helena’s voice, which was not in Becca’s mind, but was a force of nature, filled the room. “My other girls, girls like Abby, feed on the souls of others to power their black magic, and once those souls are drained, those boys are nothing but empty vessels, just like you are. But unlike them, since you’ve sacrificed your soul to me and are becoming just a husk, you’re going to become a host for one of my sisters. As it was with the others who were sacrificed year after year for my return, you two will become the body of one of my succubus sisters. Don’t worry Becca, you won’t remember who you were before your body is possessed, in fact…”

Helena’s words faded away into noise as Abby kept fingering Becca, making her lose track of everything.

The fire was burning away who she was, and in its core, deep in the blue flames behind her closed eyes, Becca saw something.

It was a shape, a woman’s silhouette in the flames, a woman that looked like her, but more voluptuous, and with large bat wings and a tail.

The succubus’s voice slithered and flickered like the flames, “Soon, but not yet.”