Story Preview: Unethical Instructions

Unethical Instructions
A Smuthunter Story

Part 1: A Quarterback Deprogrammed

“Professor Armstrong, thank you…”

Jake’s voice trailed off as the woman he was speaking to raised a single finger in the air. “Please young man, it is Doctor Armstrong, and this is no trouble, have a seat.”

He’d never taken any classes with Dr. Armstrong, having been actively guided away from her courses by some of the upperclassmen on the football team. Her psychology courses were not what anyone would call a blow-off class, and even though he wasn’t just interested in easy classes and coasting through his higher education he also wasn’t interested in hard classes either.

“As I understand it, you’ve found yourself compromised psychologically by a co-ed? That you feel she has a mental grip on you, is that correct?”

As he sat back in the recliner, his body automatically did what anyone did when they sat in a chair like that; he found something very comforting in her very matter of fact voice.

It also didn’t sound like she thought he was crazy, which was nice, because he felt more than a little crazy.

“Yeah. I uh, she, I don’t know. She starts talking to me and my brain just sort of goes haywire.”

It had been about two weeks since Sally had come into his life, and even though things had gotten better in his math class thanks to her, whatever she was doing to him was making other things worse.

“And,” Dr. Armstrong’s jet black hair was up in a tight bun and she was wearing a very conservative gray skirt and blazer. Which, honestly, was a bit disappointing because he could tell she was hot, “what else does she do?”

As she spoke, he felt her gaze look through him. She had high cheekbones and a sharp chin; she was almost the complete stereotypical embodiment of the sexy librarian. Her tone and her stare told him there was no reason not to be direct or completely honest, and he realized he wasn’t here to dress things up or dance around things anyway.

“She, um, well…” it was still weird to say out loud “…she shows me her cleavage and she calls me a chubby chaser.”

Saying those words out loud made him feel a little weird, like he could remember the way she sounded saying them. It made him feel light and disconnected, but the sound of her even keeled voice brought him back to earth.

“I see.” She wasn’t writing anything down and her dark green eyes were piercing into him. Her face was a blank slate, stoic, neither approving of his candor or disapproving of his circumstances.

“Now tell me Jake, can you recall what else she does to you?” her voice was so even and strangely forceful that he realized he couldn’t keep eye contact with her. His eyes drifted down and he noticed again the swell of her chest, but he didn’t linger.

“You may find it easier to remember if you close your eyes now Jake. It may make you feel more comfortable. Sometimes the idea of saying something to no one is easier than trying to say nothing to someone. When we feel vulnerable, whenever we have an emotional peak we often times try to downplay or devalue our feelings so they can be a conversational commodity and not a piece of ourselves.”

As she spoke, he did close his eyes, and it did feel more comfortable. But despite the physical response to closing his eyes and almost automatically reclining more in the chair, it had nothing to do with the even, almost boring sound of her voice.

“She, she had sex with me. She always has sex with me.” It was still embarrassing, but without her impassive personage there in front of his eyes it was easier to say these words out loud to no one, just like she said it would be.

“Now, and please understand that it is very important to be honest with me now, did you enjoy this experience and are you attracted to her?”

“I guess I am, I mean, it’s confusing.” His words started to fall short of his feelings and everything was starting to knot up in his mind.

“I understand. Listen to me now Jacob, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let your mind go back to the first moment you saw her. Let your thoughts travel in a straight line through any fog, any unclear moments in your recent past. Imagine yourself, imagine your thoughts as a football, when you throw the ball through the air it passes over the heads of the defensive linemen, and if you have a clear target, if you have an open target, the ball lands exactly where you want it. This is what you can do, and what you are doing with your mind now.”

Jake’s mind followed along with her almost as soon as she said Jacob.

The inflection of her voice, that matter of fact and almost dismissive tone of her speech was illustrating that there was nothing else for Jake in her statements but a series of instructions. The formal use of his full first name, the measured authority it implied only strengthened the directions she gave him.

So, he saw himself in a manner more abstract than he was used to or could have imagined, flying backwards through time to the first moment he saw Sally.

“Tell me when you arrive at the moment Jacob.” Her voice was an anchor of sorts, a means of measuring what was occurring in the past while remaining in the present.

“I’m in the library. She’s kind of pretty, I guess for a heavier girl, not really my type but she has a nice chest.”

“That’s very good Jacob, “ but nothing about her tone reflected the content of her words.

“Stay in this moment for me now and follow along with what I say to you. I know your type young man, and this is a good thing for you. I know what you like and what you need for yourself. You are an impulsive person sometimes, and you are learning about the limits of what you can and cannot have. You are used to getting what you want because of who you are, and I understand this. But this is very simple, if you do not want something, deep down inside, if you do not desire something, why would you do it if you can do so much of what you do desire. Think of these words and open your eyes for me now Jacob.”

As his eyes opened, he let out a sigh. Something felt lighter inside him.

“I can tell that you’ve realized she cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. However, you have to understand that this young woman Sally, she is a very intuitive and very intelligent young woman. She also understands you and she has used your most basic desires, your most primal male impulses to convince you of what you want. She has conditioned you, through the use of her sexuality and through hypnosis to have this influence over you. But, she was sloppy, and it is easily undone.”

He blinked, “I’m sorry, what now?”

It sort of made sense, but the way she said it with the same level tone and pace like this was the most normal thing in the world only made it sound more crazy.

Dr. Armstrong took off her blazer. She was wearing a long sleeved cream-colored button down blouse. “She has done a haphazard job of teaching you to respond to her post hypnotic suggestions and triggers through the use of sexual pleasure. Tell me, do you have a girlfriend, and do you find her attractive?”

“Yeah, “ he conjured up an image of her in his mind, super fit, dark skinned, she was half Spanish and didn’t look anything like Sally. “Her name’s Mary and she’s, yeah, she’s really attractive.”

As he spoke, he watched her unbutton her cuffs then roll up her sleeves. “Does your girlfriend, on occasion, use sex to convince you to see things her way, and as you were growing up, have you ever felt compelled by a girl or a woman to act a certain way because of the attention they give you. This is a very simple yes or no question.”

“Uh, yeah, yes, I guess.” He stammered a little and found himself watching maybe over-intently as she undid the top two buttons of her blouse.

“You may find it is very warm in here. We often become more relaxed in the heat as it slows our bodies down, and it also tells us on a subconscious level that we are comfortable. You may also realize very naturally that what Sally has done to you is simply a more focused and more aggressive form of manipulation that you have always been exposed to. Honestly, a few girls try this every year. They learn the basics of hypnosis and psychological conditioning, they apply it to their own sensuality and their own natural tools, and they combine it all into one captivating presentation. This does make perfect sense doesn’t it?”

He nodded.

“Now, look at me, please continue to focus all of your attention only on me. I am going to guide you back into trance very quickly and very easily. When you followed my instructions and closed your eyes earlier you slipped very easily into a light trance for me, and now that you understand that, you will be deliberately allow yourself to be hypnotized by me, and you will fall much deeper for me. You will do this because you understand that entering trance for me will allow me to undo what has been done to you. You will do this because you need me to help you.”

Strangely, as her voice continued in its monotone, her hands continued to undo button after button of her blouse until it was completely open.

Dr. Armstrong was wearing a simple white bra.

There were no frills, no lace, no designs, it was pure utility, but the heft of her chest was and the depth of her cleavage was still remarkable.

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