The World of Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to the World of Erotic Hypnosis!

It’s a crazy world with lots of myths, legends, misconceptions, and true stories that are far and away stranger than any fiction.
I’m offering two blogs to help explore this world in all its facets.

Know Your Fetish:
Here, you can find long and short form articles exploring some of the history, cultural context, realities, and fantasies of the world of Erotic Hypnosis.
Over time I hope to include Guest Editorials, Q and A’s, and Interviews that will provide insight into this scene, its members, and a better understanding of how to have the hypnosis experience you want.

This feed is also dedicated to providing insight and understanding into the behind the scenes business practices, secret histories, trade secrets, and economics of Erotic Hypnosis.
If you want to have your fantasies be and stay fantasies, use a little bit of forethought about what you read, since I try to make it obvious about when I’m going to piece the veil of mystery around our corner of the internet.
Please understand that while this feed will also look into the realities of financially driven hypnosis themed D/S relationships and adult content, it is not going to be a place for gossip, or for degrading people.

Why are you still here, why not…
Get to Know Your Fetish.

Smuthunter Stories!

Hi, you might know me by my alternate alias, Smuthunter. You may have seen my work on the Hypnopics Collective, or over on Inraptured.
I am now offering exclusive femdom hypnosis erotica for sale as well as custom and special order prose.

Femdom Erotic Hypnosis Stories!

But wait, what can you expect if you have no idea what my previous work is like?
Yes, there will be plenty of: Hypno-tits (hypnotits), hypno-boobs (hypnoboobs), titnosis, boobnosis, and people being titnotized by hypnotic cleavage, but that’s not all.
You can expect science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic book style super adventures, and all sorts of other femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, lesbian hypnosis, MILF hypnosis, and much much more.
You can also commission stories too.