Character and Business Consultation

Character Development

I will happily provide a free 30 minute consultation for any new clients to see if I am the right fit for your needs.

What I Know:

I know a lot about hypnosis, hypnosis fetishists, sales, and customer management. I know a fair bit about the life of being a domme.

What I Will Charge You For:

I will charge you for my time, and I will use that time to share my experience and insights with you, and/or to review or engage with any materials you want me to look at and work with.

What I Will Share For Free:

I will gladly give you a half an hour of my time to answer your questions and explain what hypnosis is, etc. and I am happy to talk with you via email or dms to address other simple questions you have.

If any of the following text contradicts the above, go with what I say up top, and if you have any questions, please contact me and let me know.

Why do you need Business and Character Development/Consultation?

The world of Erotic Hypnosis is its own special and specialized community. Its customers have their own specialized wants and needs that are tied directly to the nature of hypnosis and its cultural representation and history in the media.
It can be a very lucrative market if you can find the best ways to sell your product and your personality, or you can become just another name that’s lost in the shuffle.
In this fetish scene, your character is your business.
My goal, in offering consultation services, is to help you make the most money possible by helping you determine what you want and what you need to get it.

My goal isn’t to help you run your business, my goal is to ensure you have everything you need to run your own business in the most profitable and most informed way possible.