Free Story: The Making of a Chubby Chaser

Making a Chubby Chaser
A Smuthunter Story

Those big pale tits were jiggling like jello with every thrust and Jake couldn’t stop pumping. He didn’t really want to though, he didn’t really want anything, just to stare at those beautiful pale mounds of flesh.

A trickle of drool was running down the corner of his mouth as his body kept going like a machine working on a factory line. His cock was thrusting in and out, halfway out all the way in, over and over, and he watched the creamy white flesh bounce, oblivious to how good the pussy he was fucking felt.

Oblivious to how swollen and eager his cock and balls were.

Oblivious to everything.

            Jake just kept fucking.

Then he heard her say, “Squeeze them chubby chaser” and as his hands started to massage the massive flesh of her chest he erupted in her so hard he passed out, his body collapsing in a heap on her plump frame.

She rolled him off of her gently then slid her hand between his legs.

His cock was sticky and mostly flaccid but it didn’t matter. She started to stroke him slowly until it started to bulge again.

‘That’s it chubby chaser, you know you’re not done for me, I’m not done with you yet.”

Jake’s body responded but his mind was away, lost in a dream of her massive breasts as she slid down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style.

Briefly his eyes flickered open as the head of his cock slid into her tight slit again. He saw the cascade of her pale yellow hair and the soft rolls of her love handles, and her wide cushiony ass, she was like a pudgy pyramid that had swallowed up his cock and his world.

Jake’s eyes closed again as the pleasure coursed through him like a sedative.

He didn’t think the words but his subconscious was filled with them, he was Sally’s sex toy now, her good little chubby chases.

Of course, it hadn’t always been like that…

“You look a little worn out.”

It had been a long day. Class, practice, now tutoring, it was a lot for anyone, especially a quarterback. Jake’s head was filled with dates, times, play calls, passing routes, audibles, page numbers, orders of operations, and everything else but the desire to study. His brain felt like it was at maximum capacity and despite what really did seem like her best efforts his math tutor Sally Hanes wasn’t really helping.

Sally wasn’t a math major by trade, or so she said. She was a psychology major, or going to be a teacher or something, but she was one of those smart girls that knew everything and she had come recommended by his old RA and friend, Ken.

She was a heavy girl with a pleasant face and long blonde hair. She was pear shaped, he guessed, maybe a little more than that, but not like one of those really heavy girls, or women, or whatever. She just had wide hips, a belly, thick arms, and a pair of those sloppy big girl tits that sort of spilled out everywhere.

They weren’t like those big tits you saw on fit girls, or like those tits that were too big for a short girl or whatever, they were just these big jiggley masses of boob that were kind of smooshed together by her bra and pretty much on display from her low cut top.

You couldn’t look at her without seeing those boobs, and you couldn’t really talk to her without accidently talking to those boobs either.

“Yeah, I am.” Jake’s eyes dipped down to the cleavage that was spilling up and out of her top, “I’m like, I can feel my brain storage is filling up you know?”

She smiled a little bit and nodded, and he watched as her cleavage jiggled, “Well, we’re almost done. Let’s just try and make it a little bit further, you’ll be glad you did, you’ll feel so much better if you go a little bit further with me tonight, right now. Let’s do it okay? Good.”

It had been like that all night with her, she had this way of talking that kind of covered all the bases, like it cut you off before you had an answer then gave you the answer she was looking for.

It was impossible to argue with her, mainly because she made it so hard to think of anything except what she sort of slid into your head.

He wasn’t really used to being sort of overpowered like this, he was a leader and a doer, a guy who always had a lot on his plate because he could handle it, but she did seem like she knew what she was talking about.

And the more she talked, the more she explained in her sort of forceful and self-supporting way, it felt like she was confusing him with how right she was.

Then, sometimes when she was explaining stuff he’d get a little sidetracked by the sight of her massive breasts, and thanks to the lighting they would really look great and inviting at a few angles. They looked really soft, like pillowy soft, and he wondered what it would be like to wrap them around his cock.

He’d think these thoughts then he’d realize she was explaining things to him again and he’d just sort of habitually agree with her so she wouldn’t know he was thinking about titty fucking her and was listening.

So far, it seemed like it was working, but the more she talked the harder it was getting to sort anything out.

Sometimes it almost felt like she was deliberately trying to say too much to him, and he would sort of check out again and find himself staring at those tits that were just as round and big as pressed together butt cheeks.

He’d nod and agree with her with and say “yeah” like he knew what she was saying, but really it was getting harder and harder to keep track of anything.

“Jake? Hello, Jake?” He shook his head and blinked a little. She was saying his name in a kind of playful way, sort of teasing him.

“Sorry, I um, I was…” What was he doing?

“You were just saying you were done.” Her voice was really melodic and it felt sort of certain, like she was used to knowing what she was saying, like all of her words were an expert’s words.

It felt good to listen to her, and it felt like trusting her was the right thing to do.

But, what she just said didn’t sound right.

“I thought we still had a little more to go.” He was feeling kind of foggy, way more out of it than he thought he was.

“That was half an hour ago. Please don’t tell me you can’t remember anything we just went over.” She was shaking her head and he felt kind of like an ass.

It wasn’t that he was lazy, or a bad student, or that he wanted to get by on his athletics, it was just that math wasn’t his thing.

“Alright, “ she sighed and leaned in a little closer so her cleavage was filling up most of his vision, “let’s go back to where we were and see if we can find out where you floated off… let’s just go back and try to find the moment…”

Her voice had become even softer, almost soothing and nurturing.

“…where you started to drift away… like falling asleep with your eyes open… feeling your mind needing to let go… too full of thoughts… too hard to think at all anymore…”

Those big plump pillows of breasts were right in front of his eyes and he was losing himself in those words. It felt like she was trying to put him to sleep, but she was right, he couldn’t think about anything else anymore.

“Just letting go and drifting away… finding the moment where you cannot hold on any longer… where it’s just too hard to hold on now… too hard to think at all… letting go… letting go now…”

Jake let out a little sigh floated away on those huge creamy tits that looked so fluffy just like big sleepy clouds.

He moaned as he felt something warm and wet and tight swallow up his cock, and he felt hands on his head guiding his face down into the endless depths of warm soft skin.

He got a text from Sally the next morning that say that said:

Good work yesterday, you really showed some progress. See you tonight.

He shook his head like he was trying to shake an idea loose. Last night had been good, he felt a lot better about a lot of what they’d gone over, but something else felt off. He’d had the weirdest dream about her, but he figured that was because he was so tired and the poor girl didn’t really bother to cover up those boobs of hers.

He was used to girls showing off in front of him, but Sally didn’t seem like she was doing it on purpose. She was a little too bookwormy to have bothered and she didn’t flirt or come on to him, or find an excuse to touch him, or anything really. She was just a sweet plump nerd girl who was helping him to pass a math class he should have already taken, and he’d basically fallen…


Inside her?

In the back corner of the library?

Did they fuck in the library?

His text to her read:
Hey, thanks for all the help. This is weird, did I fall asleep yesterday?

Her response to him:
Yes you did, for like 5 minutes, it wasn’t a big deal.

His response to her:
Did anything else weird happen?

Like what?

I don’t know. Sorry, so tired. OK, meet you there, same place?

Library closes early tonight, come to my place. Off campus apartment, I have cheat books for you. Here is the address.

OK, see you there.

            He’d had stranger dreams than he guessed he’d had. There were no dinosaurs, and there weren’t any taco truck-helicopters that made up his usual strange dreams though. It was just weird because she wasn’t his type at all. Yeah, those were some big old titties, but they were sloppy, and he liked fit girls, like his girlfriend.

            “So, did you do it?’ Cassie’s voice chirped into Sally’s ear through her phone, and made the buxom girl smile.

            “Yes, I did.“

            “And? What happened?”

Cassie was sweet and nice and a gossip, or at least she used to be one and still had a gossip’s instincts. She was also well aware of Sally’s talents and what her friend used them for. In fact, they had taken Intro to Psychology together freshman year when Sally first started to develop an interest, well and obsession with hypnosis.

“Well, I got him under and…”

“And what?” Sally could hear her friend’s smile through the fun.

“Well, I fucked him in the back of the library and he has no idea. He texted me and asked me if anything weird happened. He, seriously Cassie, he has no idea.”

“Oh. My. God. That is so hot.” Sally listened to her friend giggle. ‘How’d you do it? Did he resist at all?”

“It was pretty easy actually. I brought the girls out on display and I started to overload him as soon as we started talking. I kept asking him these leading questions and before he could answer I asked him something else, with a hook like isn’t that right. I made sure he never got his footing, and that was harder than I thought it would be. I was lucky he was tired, you know he had a really long day and it was hard for him to think already and he really wanted to listen to what I was saying, but he’d had such a long day and he was getting more and more worn out with every word I said, but he was still sharp enough to follow what I was saying, like you, like I was saying, he was following everything and I could tell he could think about a lot of things all at once, but eventually everyone just sort of gives up and let’s go, isn’t that right?’

“Uh… yeah… so…”

“So I used our session to just string him along, and I used his suggestible state as he slipped in and out of trance, like every time he closed his eyes, every time he blinked he sank a little deeper into trance then woke up, and you know, I know you know that every time someone falls into trance then wakes up the next time they close their eyes, the next time their eyes start to get heavier and heavier, too heavy to keep open any longer, they slip a little bit deeper down into trance, down into deep sleep, and he just drifted away, drift away Cassie, time to sleep, time to drift away and sleep.”

Sally loved hypnosis.

It wasn’t just the sexual thrill of disarming someone and influencing them, it was the art and the technique of it.

“Cassie, you’re feeling so nice and relaxed right now, your mind is so relaxed, your body feels so nice and warm, just relax with me, just listen, you’re so good at feeling this way for me and you love it. You love how easy it is to feel certain things, like if I started to tell you how nice Jake Ward’s cock felt when I slid down on top of him and used him like a dildo, you could almost feel than couldn’t you? You could say yes when you started to feel that couldn’t you?”

The sound of Cassie’s moan as she said “Yes” was enough to get Sally to slip a finger down between her legs. They were both at their respective homes after class, and what Sally was doing to her friend wasn’t anything new.

It wasn’t that Sally had a thing for her friend, she had a thing for the power she had over her friend. It was so hot to hear the girl slip away that it barely took anything to make her cum herself.

“I told him over and over again that he should listen to me, just like you, and when I told him he could just let it happen, just let go and sleep, just sleep, he did. His mind went blank, his body became so pliable, and I just fucked him and fucked him over and over again. Just like you can feel it happening, feel it Cassie, and cum the way I did, cum for me, cum Cassie.”

Sally smiled as she heard her friend gasp.

“Once isn’t enough for us is it Cassie?”

“Nuh… no…”

“Wake up Cassie honey, wake up for me.”

There was a moment of quiet.

“Oh god damn it Sally, really?”

“Yes really honey, don’t pretend you don’t love it. You love it when I hypnotize you don’t you Cassie?”

“I do.” Sally smiled, she had giver her friend a few triggers to reinforce what happened, and make her a little easier to put down, but there was no fun in just triggering the girl, or anyone really. Triggers were tools for Sally, things to use to further her control and expand her influence, not do the fun stuff for her.

“You love it when I surprise you with trance don’t you Cassie?”

Sally heard her friend moan, and as the voice on the other end of the line said “Yes” one more time, Sally came.

‘So you’re happy I hypnotized you, and let you feel a little bit of what I felt last night aren’t you?’

“Yes Sally.”

“And you’re happy I helped you cum aren’t you Cassie?”

“Yes Sally.”

“But you only came once, and once is never enough is it Cassie?”

“No Sally.”

“Well, I have to go, but why don’t you think about how much you want to learn how to hypnotize your own boy toys and cum until you’ve had enough. Okay Cassie?”

“Yes Sally.”

That was the end of their call, and Sally knew she was one step closer to brainwashing her friend into becoming a devoted disciple of erotic hypnosis and femdom mind control.

But, these things took time.

Jake on the other hand had buckled in ways she hadn’t expected. She didn’t think it would be as easy to get him over to her place as it turned out to be, but then again she had gotten him to fuck her in the library so that should have been a clue.

            She figured it was just him responding to her authority. As the quarterback of a Division 1 team, as someone who both relied on his own authority and had to respond every day to countless other authority figures, she figured that taking such a strong and authoritative role and tone with him had been more effective than she had initially thought.

            That and the girls.

            Having E-cup breasts, no matter how heavy she was, would always make some men an easy mark for her. She learned it when she was younger that tit guys were pretty much instantly hypnotized by big breasts without any extra help, and she had experienced that more than a few times growing up.

            Honestly, her massive chest was one of the big reasons she had an interested in hypnosis in the first place, well that and her imagination and her love of words and language, and the way persuasion worked.

            Most of the time though, Sally was quiet and almost shy. She watched, and she listened, she lived in many ways like an anthropologist, studying her peers, seeing them as what they were to her, potential subjects.

            She had been like that when she was younger too, someone who listened more than they spoke and who disappeared in a crowd. Even as she grew into herself, her weight was enough to deflect most people’s gaze, but that was also when she learned that her breasts, when displayed in any flattering way, had a habit of drawing and keeping the eyes.

            Now she understood the power of eye fixation and the way the people around her responded to language and logic. She watched the way her peers found themselves in suggestible states without realizing it, the way the plea to authority or the desire to be unique would color people’s responses in front of some, and the way they would shift in front of others.

            All around her, she watched.

            Then, she would act.

            A few of the right words here and there, the right kind of conversation, the right kind of teasing, or the right amount of cleavage left the people she wanted caught up in a spiral of confusion and suggestion that made her life much easier.

            Of course, like a stage hypnotist, she picked her targets.

            If a girl was sweet in that fake sort of way, or if a guy would habitually stare at her chest, she would lure them in closer and closer. They would think they were still in control, flirting or being cruel in the way women can only be when they think they can gain from each other’s friendships, then she would pull the rug out from under them.

The guys were easy to program in fun little ways. Financial help, or booty calls, all inspired by the power of suggestion and the keen manipulation of a sharp and calculating mind.

The girls were a different kind of story. Beautiful condescending young women would find themselves becoming plain and humble, or overwhelmed with fantasies of the girl they were so jealous of. That was her favorite, to twist a mean girl into thinking she was gay for Sally and her jumbo tits. It was even better because, like her relationship with Cassie, it wasn’t about lezing out, it was about the power.

But Sally wasn’t a monster, she’d leave little conditional triggers in their minds, ways for them to free themselves by becoming a better version of who they were. And honestly, there had only been a couple of guys and a couple of girls she had ensnared like this. She still had homework, and work-study, and everything else that made up college.

Still, the combined power of her breasts and hypnosis had landed her a great off-campus living situation.

Cheat books.

What were cheat books?

Something about shortcuts to get to conclusions faster, something about an easier way to remember things, a way to bypass steps, it was something like that.

Jake knocked on her door.

He was impressed that she had such a nice place, well the building was nice at least. Most everyone he knew that was off campus lived in a shit hole or with like 8 roommates.

As he waited in the hall he thought about that feeling of something he couldn’t quite remember. He kept on having all these flashes of a dream, or like half a dream, a dream of Sally’s big tits in his face, sucking on her nipples while he came inside her. He thought he could remember half of a chant or a mantra or something like, “Good boy, you need me to take care of you, I’m in charge, I know better.”

There was more to it, at least he felt like there was, but then again, it was all just a dream anyway. He was pretty sure he’d remember having sex in the library, especially fucking a fat chick in public.

That wasn’t fair though, yeah she was round, and plump, and big, she was a big girl with huge breasts but… for some reason he just didn’t like to think anything negative about her looks. If anything, he kind of hoped that she would wear another cluelessly low top so he could stare at those tits again all night long. The lesson had stuck, but not as much as he kind-of wanted to stick his cock in her cleavage.

“Hi Jake, come on it.”

She was wearing a long flowery skirt and a dark long sleeved cardigan over a plain white top. It was not buttoned up and those boobs were right back on display, still pushed together in a soft white mass of jiggling flesh.

“You look a little more well rested today.”

He looked around her place, it was a nice one bedroom with a nice couch and more real furniture than he’d seen in a long time.

“Yeah, “ then it dawned on him that it was weird that they were here and not at the library, the library that was still open because it was always open. “Yeah, no practice.”

Well, he was already here, and who knows, after all he wasn’t really the kind of guy that knew about library hours. She probably did though, she was the kind of girl that knew everything. He should just go along with it, she knew what she was doing. He guessed he kind of liked the idea of her being in charge after all.

That was a weird thing to think.

“What are you thinking about?”

Her tone was playful and he snapped out of it. “Uh, nothing, just… you know, nothing.”

She was smiling, no, she was smirking.

“Hey um, listen. Are you sure nothing weird happened last night. I know was really out of it, but I feel like…”

That half-image had sort of wormed its way into the front of his head and he couldn’t help himself, he had to ask again.

“I think you might have just fried your brain a little. Besides, I’m not saying this to be mean to myself or anything but… but am I really your type? I mean, you aren’t secretly a chubby chaser are you?”

When she said those words he felt a flash of heat and a little throb down in his jeans.

He laughed nervously, “I uhm… I’m… sorry. Just a weird dream I guess.”

He wanted to avoid eye contact with her, and he found her breasts instead, and then he felt even more self-conscious. It was a rare feeling for him; confidence and certainty were in his DNA.

“Sure, ” She moved just inside his personal space “you know it’s okay to be a chubby chaser don’t you?”

He was looking down into the sight of those huge boobs pressed together. There was no valley in her cleavage, her bra didn’t separate anything.

“I think I, Sally, I think I uh…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Mr. Quarterback, come on and sit down. You’re being really weird.” She hit him in the side of the arm like a dude would when she said it and made a face at him too.

He was being really weird.

“I’m just, the season’s almost over, and I’m being looked at by a couple of teams, and… should have listened to my advisor and gotten this out of the way earlier.” He sighed and sat down on her couch.

“Well, you’ll never have to take another math class ever again.” She was standing over by a bookshelf, flipping through a notebook. “Anyway, I found your cheat book.”

It was a spiral bound notebook.

“One of the things about being a super Type A overachiever is that I never throw out anything I think is important. These are all my notes, and you might remember me talking about them last night. They’re a shortcut to an idea, and they’re all set up so every process has fewer and fewer steps to find the right answer, the right response really.”

She sat down next to him with the notebook opened. She was angled towards him so the view of her breasts was still magnetically distracting.

“You see, and I’m sure you might think about football like this, that when you see a math problem, like a defensive scheme, there’s a formula to solve it, a process of steps, the fewer the better, and you want it to be easy to find the right answer, the right response don’t you, I mean you know that there’s always a need to think things over quickly, take it all in, to see all of what’s happening, to see all of the problem, all at once, and then solve the problem, find the solution, smaller steps, faster responses, you understand, don’t you, I think you do don’t you?”

He nodded, This was a lot like how she talked yesterday.

“And one thing that happens all the time, one thing that happens when you look at a problem like this one is that the problem isn’t flexible, it’s there, it’s right there and it fills up your mind, and there’s only your response to it, you either know or you don’t know, or you don’t know that you do know, and sometimes all you need to know are the simple steps you follow to bring it down, make it smaller, and smaller, down and down, until it’s still the only thought you have, but it’s about to go away and you always feel so much better once you solve a problem, you feel relieved don’t you, it feels so nice to let your mind clear, such a relief to solve the problem, you like solving problems don’t you?”

Before he could answer, she turned the page and it seemed like her jiggling boobs were sticking out a little bit further.

“One thing I think you can think about is that the way we solve a problem is a conditioned response, you know like Pavlov’s dog, you ring the bell and give him food over and over until you ring the bell and he slobbers, well my cheat books are a way to condition yourself to think about your problem, just one problem at a time and systematically shrink it down and down step by step, like descending numbers growing smaller and smaller, until there’s just nothing left.”

It wasn’t that he knew what she said made sense, it was more like it felt like it did, and he couldn’t not take his eyes off those big cream boobs.

“It’s like if there is a single problem in your mind and that problem has a solution, that solution is made up into five steps, and every step brings you closer to solving that one singular problem in your mind, so as you follow the steps down from 5 to 4, then there’s only 3 steps left in your mind, because the answer solves the problem and takes it out of your mind completely so when you reach 2 you’re almost there, you’re almost done and 1, last step, then nothing, zero, nothing, mind empty now, completely empty now. No need to think because there are just no problems to think about, there’s no problem with anything now, no problem with staring at my boobs, no problem with just listening and accepting everything I say, no problem with just listening and obeying, and no problem with being a chubby chaser.”

“Alright, “ she sighed and leaned in a little closer to make sure he couldn’t and would feel inclined to take his eyes of her cleavage while he was still teetering in such a highly suggestible state, “let’s go back to where we were and see if we can find out where you floated off… let’s just go back and try to find the moment…”

She dropped her voice to become softer and sweeter, to deliberately lead him into thinking of being soothed and cared for while she deliberately thrust her tits forward further.

“…where you started to drift away… like falling asleep with your eyes open… feeling your mind needing to let go… too full of thoughts… too hard to think at all anymore…”

She knew her boobs reminded some guys of pillows, the way they were so big and soft looking and round, and she touched the top of her cleavage and traced her fingers down the line where her breasts were pressed together as she made sure everything about the moment was continuing to overwhelm him.

“Just letting go and drifting away… finding the moment where you cannot hold on any longer… where it’s just too hard to hold on now… too hard to think at all… letting go… letting go now…”

Sally smiled as he let out a sigh and his head drifted towards her, down to rest on her breasts.

Quickly she undid his pants and pulled out his cock while he was still on the edge of deep hypnotic trance, she’d learned that getting a guy’s hard cock to slip inside right as she brought him all the way down was the most effective way to completely overload the brain.

He groaned in ecstasy as she mounted him as they sat in the back corner of the library.

It was a pretty well known fuck spot on campus in some circles, and she’d made sure to lure him back here just for this purpose.

Watching Jake, Mr, Quarterback himself, buckle so quickly under her initial induction was almost hotter than the actual fucking, almost.

Dominating him, dominating a prime example of an alpha male, a guy with a type that certainly wasn’t her, seducing him with her abilities and her breasts, she knew how much they helped, owning him in this moment was the sex.

His cock was just a prop, his body was just a toy, for Sally fucking his mind and putting him into this submissive state was the sex.

As she rocked her hips up and down on his lap, doing all the work and not needing to do much at all to get what she was after, she held his face against her breasts and had him suck her nipples as she started to cum.

Once she’d gotten him inside her, she’d pulled down her top and pulled the girls out. She’d always had pretty sensitive nipples, and sometimes playing with them was enough to make her cum.

This time, her orgasms were a mixture of everything.

They were small little bursts and when they got bigger and bigger she would slow down and change her pace so she could catch her breath and tell him the things that would be crucial to her plans for the coming days and maybe weeks.

It was always hard to tell how long she would want to play with a new toy.

“I know you love my boobs Jakie-baby,” the saccharin sweet tone of her voice was deliberate, to mesh with the pleasure he was feeling and make him think this was all a bout him “they make your cock so hard, they make it so big and so hard.”

Instead of having him work her nipples, she pushed his head back to stare and the endless mounds of flesh in front him, “Look at my big floppy boobies Jakie-baby, they’re so sloppy they just flop all over, and you love them.”

She picked terms dickheads used to describe larger girls’ larger breasts to create a continuity and a disconnection within his mind about what was happening, “And your brain might not think you love these big sloppy tits, but your cock can’t get enough of them.”

She was doing her best impression of what she thought a dumb stripper sounded like, and based on the dumb bemused smile and glassy eyes of her entranced subject, she could tell it was working.

“You probably think, your silly brain probably doesn’t think you like big floppy boobies on nice plump girls at all, but your cock does. Your cock loves these big boobies baby, and that means deep down inside, past the thinking parts of your brain you love them too don’t you?”

She started to ride him slightly faster.

‘That’s right, you do. You don’t think you like big girls, but your cock’s just a little chubby chaser isn’t it? That’s why it feels so good right now.”

She picked up her phone while she was on top of him, “And once you admit it, you’re going to feel so good, once you say ‘My cock’s a little chubby chaser’ you’re going to explode Jakie-baby, and you want to cum so bad don’t you? You want to cum for those big beautiful boobies don’t you?”

He groaned and sort of whimpered and gasped a “Yes.”

“Now say it for the camera baby.”

He’d gone under fast, dipping in and out of lighter and deeper states of trance, and she’d been guiding him in and out to reinforce his ability to fade away and become more and more suggestible. At the moment he looked at her phone’s camera lens with glassy eyes and said, “My cock’s a little chubby chaser” then immediately erupted inside her like a volcano. If he hadn’t already been prepped with numerous smaller and simpler suggestions, this wouldn’t have worked nearly as well.

“Good boy.” She slid off of him, his wet sticky cock shrinking before her. She tucked her tits back in her bra and pulled her top back up before she continued.

“Listen to me very carefully Jake, “ her voice had become the same authoritative and informed one she had used before fucking him, “I am going to teach you two very important lessons, these lessons are the most important ones you can learn today, so important that they will sink down into the subconscious memory, so even though you will not consciously remember them you won’t be able to forget them either.”

“Lesson number one is very simple Jake, whenever you see my cleavage you will feel a deep desire to want to make me happy and you will instinctively feel very cooperative and compliant. You will never think about this or wonder why this happens, it just will because it is who you are and what you want. You love my breasts, you love everything about them, and they wake up a very cooperative and very complaint part of you that shows off how naturally and easily agreeable you are with me, and only with me.”

She fidgeted with her phone a little bit and held the screen up to his face.

“The next lesson is this,” she pressed play on the video she had just made of him repeating the words she told him to say, “this is who you are deep down inside.”

The video was on a loop, “This is what your cock wants and desires, but you will not think of this, you will not feel this way unless you hear me and only me say the words chubby chaser. This will remind you of how much you love heavy women with big beautiful breasts like mine. This will fill you with arousal and desire, and will make you feel very good about being close to me.”

She repeated both of these lessons several times before bringing him out of trance and sending him on his way.

Earlier on she’d slid in implied triggers and post hypnotic suggestions to help him feel more trusting of her and more certain that he needed her help with everything, all as a primer for what she’d just done.

She laughed to herself as she went home that night to masturbate and revel in her success.

All of the suggestions and conditioning that had brought him to the moment where she could fuck his mind and body like that had all been actual lessons and study problems. She had actually given him real instruction while she started to slip into his mind.

And of course, she could have given him a trigger to put him back in trance, but the deep emotional manipulation of his cock and his natural attraction to her large breasts would leave him helpless to resist her any time she wanted to induce trance in him. That was, after all, her favorite part.

When the eyes get heavy, and the mind feels slow.

When large breasts are filling the mind and everything else is fading away.

When she has enraptured them with her abilities and now all that remains is to program them.

That was her favorite part.

Cumming was good too.

Sally watched Jack leave with the cheat book, walking slowly still half in a fog.

There wasn’t any need to give him more triggers or dig deeper in his mind this time, the hypnotic assault and the fucking had done more than any deliberate trigger or planned conditioned response would. It wasn’t about making him into a sleeper agent or anything, it was about making him sexually helpless for her, and it was working.

The next day she’d made sure to accidently run into him on campus and whispered chubby chaser in his ear while she held his hand.

“I have some more study aides back at my apartment” was all she needed to say to bring him back into her home again.

This time, she just had him fuck her while she was flat on her back, looking up into those glassy confused sex filled eyes of his until she said ‘Squeeze them chubby chaser” and made him explode while he played with her tits like nothing in the world had ever made him happier.

She laughed to herself when he came so hard he passed out instantly.

She rolled him off of her gently then slid her hand between his legs. He’d cum pretty fast, but that was good, he’d last longer for what she really wanted, plus he was so overwhelmed with sexual desire his cock would come back to life after a few sticky strokes

‘That’s it chubby chaser, you know you’re not done for me, I’m not done with you yet.”

Jake’s body responded but she saw that his mind was away, lost in the dream of her massive breasts that she had implanted impossibly deeply into his mind, almost as deeply as his cock was inside her as she slid down on him, reverse cowgirl style.

It didn’t matter if his eyes opened or he came to a little, he was too far gone to hold on to anything, and if anything, seeing her body physically dominating his like this would do more for her than any words could.

Eventually, she wore herself out and commanded him to cum inside her.

Of course, it wouldn’t always be this way…


“Hey Jake, how are you… oh good, yeah man I saw the game… what’s going on? Yes, I’m still TA’ing for Dr. Armstrong, why do you ask… Look Jake, she’s not the most approachable woman, you know, she’s not really like a therapist, what’s going on? Why don’t you talk to the school… okay, yeah, discretion, duh, sorry… wait, hold on, are you talking a bout Sally, the girl I said should tutor you? Okay, no, be cool man, be cool, I’ll see what I can do.”

He hangs up the phone, surprised to have had that conversation at all. Jake Ward was a friend and a good guy, but they didn’t really talk a lot, and they were both too busy to work on keeping a friendship that didn’t have any day-to-day intersections. Yes he recommended Sally to be his tutor, but that was probably the only time they’d talked since he’d graduated and moved on to his post grad education.

Regardless, he was a friend so Ken opened up his email and began to type…

To Be Concluded in…
Unethical Instructions

(The Smuthunter Shared Universe begins here.)