Erotic Hypnosis Script Writing

***I am not currently accepting new clients for scripts, and am scaling down my current script load for established clients. Feel free to contact me for consultation and/or advice about generating your own scripts*** 

Hello, and thank you for your interest in exploring my Erotic Hypnosis scripts.

I offer custom written commissioned scripts. These scripts are written to your specifications and desires.

For the full list of terms, details, and prices for my custom work click here.

Finally I will be offering a comprehensive guide to Erotic Hypnosis that will include a script writing guide, samples scripts, theory, as well as client psychology and much more.
So, if you’re interested in that, check back soon.

What do you get when you buy one of my scripts?

All of my scripts are guided by real hypnosis theory, structure, and practices. They are not role-play content and they are not hypnotism adjacent. Anyone can say “you’re getting very sleep, I control you”, not a lot of people can write a script that will let the subject feel those feelings in a real and lasting way.

My lifetime of interest in and real world experience with hypnosis and Erotic Hypnosis as well as my writing background and education make me uniquely qualified to create this content with the technical and emotional insight to produce an effective and satisfying script.
I write real hypnosis, and I write it with the fetishist in mind.

So, when you buy my scripts you’re buying meticulously planned out and constructed material that will help you to be the best hypnotist you can be, and hopefully get you paid.

Expectations of Content and Results:
I will always work with you to create the best and most effective version of what you order.
While I will always ensure you are provided the most technically sound and effective content, given the nature of hypnosis the responsibility of it relies on the hypnotist and the subject, especially the subject.

*All scripts are written with audio in mind. If you would like to use them for video, I would recommend you leave out any mention of closing your eyes and change any reference staring at you etc. Your customers hate it when they buy videos and are basically told not to watch.

A friendly note about my scripts and Live Calls:
I’m not going to bullshit you here, my scripts are great for recordings but they’re not going to do you a ton of good for live calls.
If you’re good at what you do, and I don’t just mean hypnotism, then what I offer will work for you when you take calls.
That’s not the problem.
The problem is going to be a particular group of your customers.
You’re either going to have people calling you because they like the idea of being hypnotized, or they’re calling you because they want you to hypnotize them.
This second group tends to expect different and effective things every time they call, and they’re hoping you’re a real hypnotist and not a performer. Chances are you’ve already run into this type so you know what I mean.
Anyway, I’m telling you this because I believe in being up front with you so you can get the most out of what I offer.

The Following Pre-Written induction scripts are currently available for free as a thank you for all the support I’ve received from the wonderful Dommes in this community and can be accessed FOR FREE HERE, but if you want to buy them, that’s cool too:

The following Pre-Written content does NOT include full scripts.
The content provided DOES include direction of how to use the induction to customize and structure files to your liking.
I am not currently offering pre-written full scripts at this time to help you protect your brand individuality and identity.
After all, if you buy a script someone else will too, and then you’re both making the same thing and no one wins when that happens. And really, my business is about you winning.

Deep Relaxation Countdown: A standard hypnosis induction that focuses on helping the subject to relax and open up. It is geared towards enabling erotic suggestions so when you do count down from 10 to 1, your subject will be really looking forward to what you have to say.
This file also includes a stairway visualization variation of the script.

Progressive Relaxation: An erotic content specific re-imaging of the tried and true guided visualization and relaxation induction. By the end of the induction, the mind and the body will be relaxed, well most of the body will be relaxed.