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(List Updated 11/02/2016)

Hi everyone!

This may seem like a dumb idea because I sell hypno-boobs stories, so why would I share where you can get similar content for free?

Because everyone knows and loves MCSTORIES, I mean, I know I do.

(And if this post is your first exposure to MCSTORIES, welcome to a world of fun)

So, here is a PARTIAL list of some of the great breast oriented femdom hypnosis stories you can find there:

Know Your fetish

Getting Free of the Hands Free Orgasm Myth


Hands free orgasms, or HFOs as they’re commonly referred to, are to our minds the pinnacle of erotic hypnosis right?

I mean come on, what’s better than having someone talk you into a climax? You just listen, they just talk, then boom, you get to cum.

Does that sound like magic to you? Because it sounds like magic to me, and the only thing that makes it not magic is that it’s all 100% real.

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Welcome to my first ever Mailbag!
This both serious and fun approach to the Q and A is inspired (er… stollen) from one of my non-adult-content inspirations Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons, so if you’re familiar with him, all of this nonsense will seem very familiar/flagrantly ripped off.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the Questions.

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Throwback Blog: Your Hypnodomme is not Your Girlfriend

Hey everyone, I wrote this waaaaaay back towards the end of 2014 on my barely used and well intentioned blog (that you never have to go to again because I don’t use it).

One could argue that this piece was my very first attempt at a Behind the Curtain article, and it stirred up a minor spat or two on Inraptured (but what doesn’t) because I threw it out there without any sort of context.

Well, I’ve provided plenty of context for this section of my blog is about, and how it is here to offer a harder look and context at the business of our scene, so that said, let’s all enjoy some time travel and remember:

Your Hypnodomme is Not Your Girlfriend

(Some content bolded/italicized for emphasis, like a school text book)

This might cut close to home.

The woman you are buying your hypno-porn from is not now, nor will she ever be your girlfriend.

What’s worse than that, she’s only nice to you because that’s part of customer service.

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Fantasies for Fantasy’s Sake


It’s all Fantasy, Enjoy It

So let’s get the disclaimer out of the way.
Hypnosis is real, it’s a real thing with real lasting effects, and it can do a lot of amazing things to help people grow, develop, change, and experience things. I would hope that by now you all know I firmly believe in its merit, that’s not what I mean when I say it’s all fantasy.

            I’m also not denigrating the experiences we have in trance, or the relationships we have with the people that help us have these experiences. That’s also not what I mean when I say it’s all fantasy.

If this seems pedantic, please understand that I’m just kicking my tires so we’re all on the same page as I continue here.

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Findom, Sissies, Humiliation, and Shame


Two important things before I get started.

None of what I’m writing about in this article is what I’d call “my thing”.
We’re all probably pretty used to that idea by now, that there are components of this scene that are not for everyone, and sometimes with the way this scene has grown (over the last few years especially) it can feel like there aren’t really any connections at all anymore.
I’m hoping to dispel a little bit of that sentiment.

This is a polite disclaimer to make clear that anything I say that may offend you, if you’re reading about something that applies to you or touches on something close to you or a part of who you are that you may be struggling with, is coming from a place of love support and likely also good natured humor.

That said, lets get into the Big Three of Misunderstood Femdom Hypnosis Companion Fetishes.

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What I Learned In My Year (and change) in Erotic Hypnosis!


So, what did I learn about Erotic Hypnosis this year?

It doesn’t matter what I learned for myself, in that that’s just what a catalogue of things that are distinctly unique to me, to my emotions and my growth as a person. What matters is what I learned how to talk about this year.

Let’s start with the fun stuff.

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Mythology of Mind Control: The Modern Myth of Longer is Better.



Mythology of Mind Control: The Modern Myth of Longer is Better.
(But really it’s just different)

Back in 2007-2008, when I was doing sort of okay financially, I would love to buy at least 1 file a paycheck.

Sometimes, it was more like 1 file every other paycheck, but it happened pretty regularly.

I would buy files based on who made them and length.

Mostly it was Nikki Fatale files, or the occasional Kasha Shakti file, as they had similar lengths and price points.

I thought, as you may, that the longer the file was the better it was.

And let me be clear right now, YES, THAT IS TRUE, but it isn’t the only truth and it isn’t a uniform value. Not all long files are good, and not all good files are long.

Long for the sake of this conversation, is anything over 30 minutes, and listen, full disclosure, I pay my rent by writing scripts that are over 30 minutes. That is how I live and I am personally a fan of long files to this day, but that’s not what we’re here to explore.

But what does better mean? A more effective trance?

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Why Do you Like Erotic Hypnosis



Where does hypnosis fall for you in your fetishes and fantasies?

A long time ago, well not all that long ago I suppose but Internet Years are about the same as Dog Years, the term Erotic Hypnosis was used to describe a very particular thing:

It was hypnosis with an erotic context.

If you were a hypno-fetishist it meant one thing, you liked Erotic Hypnosis.
All however many of us sort of floated around the same few sites, I should clarify that I am talking about Femdom Erotic Hypnosis mind you, liked basically the same sorts of things, and that was about it.

Well, nothing is ever “that simple” but for the purposes of explaining the way the scene, the term, the market, and not least of all how all of us have changed, we’ll pretend that in this case it is.

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On What Makes a Good Script


So, as some of you may know, my first love when it comes to writing is comic books.
A friend of mine and I are making comics, well we’ve made one full issue (24 pages black and white), and while he slowly finishes inking issue 2 I’m even more slowly learning how to color.
Luckily, I learned the basics of digital lettering making manips for the Hypno-Pics collective, and that helps since being able to letter your own work is really valuable as a writer.

Well, all of that is a big digression from the point I want to get to about writing scripts for Erotic Hypnosis.