Are You Submissive, Or Is Your Erection

No fun link this time

The real pain for pleasure is learning how to be selfless

Are You Submissive, or is Your Erection?

One of the things we tend to not talk about publicly, because most if not every site regarding erotic hypnosis is a service site, are the more focused granular differences in what makes up the erotic hypnosis fetishist population.
I mean, obviously I do this a whole lot, with perhaps half, if not a slight majority of my blogs being focused on this, hence why I’m writing about the topic again today.

But wait a second, lets go back to what I just said about service sites.

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No, There is Something Wrong with You…

Chances are it's okay because you also like the abuse.

Let’s explore our questionable mental health together

No, there IS something wrong with you:
What we hate to ask and admit about erotic hypnosis

To start, the title of this blog is intentionally incendiary, not just to shock you into reading it, but to warn you out of the gate that things are going to get a little dark and a little controversial here.

Having a fetish, having this fetish in particular, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once if these desires come from a social or emotional defect within your psyche, or your self, if your proclivities come from a deep-seated insecurity in your character, or maybe some kind of self-effacing narcissism that tells you over and over again that for you to be a viable romantic partner it requires your mind to be under the externalized and overt influence of a woman who is preying on you.

Here’s the answer each and every one of us needs to hear when we are experiencing the long dark night of the masturbator’s soul:

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Real Hypnosis, What You’re Looking For

If you can find...

Property of Fox, Simpsons, etc.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog you’ll know I’ve had a lot of good things to say about a lot of our scene. In this article I’m going to talk about one specific thing, and I’m going to talk about its merits and some of the pitfalls it faces. That things being…

Actual, real, erotic hypnosis.

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The Realities of Sex Work (from one degree of separation)

Stop reading this right now if words like Feminism and Sexual Assault bother you. Stop reading this right now if you’re going to get bent out of shape reading about the business dynamics of sex work.

Actually don’t. You’re probably the person that needs this the most.

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...stare deeper and deeper, fall into classic titnosis and obey

Stare deeper into the cleavage you don’t want to look away…

It’s time to explore the world of hypnotic breasts, captivating cleavage, and titnosis.

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Celebrating Trance

You want to be hypnotized right now

Look into the center… deep into the center

I got hypnotized!

I know it doesn’t seem like something worth “!” about, given that this whole scene is built around the act of being hypnotized, but lets stop and think about this for a second.

How cool is it that this thing we love, are compelled by, and are infatuated with can and does actually happen to us?

Pretty Great Right?

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Hypnosis: Magic Versus Magical Things

Magical Things

It’s a funny fetish, hypnosis.
For a lot of people, for a lot of people in the scene even, there’s an arcane wonderment to it. An illusory and abnormal quality that lends it to the mystical or the supernatural.
But what is it really, other than fantasy?

That’s a funny thing too. When we hear the word it usually means something that isn’t real, a fiction, or perhaps a delusion.
It can also be an aspirational word, but even then it is tied into a sense of the impossible, and in that there is the world of the arcane, the power to bend reality, to change the rules of the actual and make it the fantastical.

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Story Link Archive: Hypnotits, Hypno-Tits, Hypnoboobs, Titnosis, boobnosis, hypnotic breasts, hypno-boobs, hypnotic cleavage.

Don't resist, surrender here

Don’t resist the irresistible power power of hypno-boobs

(List Updated 11/02/2016)

Hi everyone!

This may seem like a dumb idea because I sell hypno-boobs stories, so why would I share where you can get similar content for free?

Because everyone knows and loves MCSTORIES, I mean, I know I do.

(And if this post is your first exposure to MCSTORIES, welcome to a world of fun)

So, here is a PARTIAL list of some of the great breast oriented femdom hypnosis stories you can find there:

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Getting Free of the Hands Free Orgasm Myth


Hands free orgasms, or HFOs as they’re commonly referred to, are to our minds the pinnacle of erotic hypnosis right?

I mean come on, what’s better than having someone talk you into a climax? You just listen, they just talk, then boom, you get to cum.

Does that sound like magic to you? Because it sounds like magic to me, and the only thing that makes it not magic is that it’s all 100% real.

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Welcome to my first ever Mailbag!
This both serious and fun approach to the Q and A is inspired (er… stollen) from one of my non-adult-content inspirations Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons, so if you’re familiar with him, all of this nonsense will seem very familiar/flagrantly ripped off.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the Questions.

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